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The Los Angeles Blues Music Scene

Los Angeles has music to offer everyone with a huge choice of music genres and live performances each night of the week. Some critics contend that blues is somewhat lacking in Los Angeles because the bars and clubs that feature it often mix in acoustic folk music and jazz. StevieRayVaughan.com fans should rest assured knowing that good Blues can still be found around the city with a little bit of research.

The oldest blues club in Los Angeles is Babe’s and Rickey’s, a spot that hosted B.B. King, Eric Clapton, and T-Bone Walker. On Monday nights, they feature an $8.00 cover fee which includes a meal comprised of soul food. Cozy’s is another blues club with a venue that is plain and simple. They offer a menu of American-style foods, but most visitors come to Cozy’s for the music and the surprise guests who may show up at the club. Cozy’s is known for having guest appearances by famous artists who are in the city while touring, and big stars have stopped by for a song or two. Open mic nights allow any musician to join the jam session at these two casual and laid-back blues clubs. Both Babe’s and Rickey’s and Cozy’s are located within the Los Angeles city limits.

A high-end blues and jazz club just north of Los Angeles in Old Pasadena is the redwhite+bluezz club. It occupies one of the historic buildings in the area and is a venue with style and a perfect atmosphere for a blues and jazz musicians. The club is complete with a wine bar featuring a variety of wine and cheese flights along with an American-style menu. The club features more jazz than blues, so the patron searching for true American-style blues will want to check the club’s schedule of appearances to know when a blues group or musician will be playing there.

Visitors to Los Angeles may want to dine at the House of Blues Anaheim for some special music and food as well. Located in a suburb of Los Angeles, the House of Blues Anaheim is in the heart of Disneyland on Disneyland Drive. There is always live music with the ambiance of a Southern restaurant that often makes visitors temporarily believe that they are in New Orleans. The burgers and entrees are presented with Cajun or Creole flair and their names are coordinated with the House of Blues theme. Some of them are The Blues Burger, Creole Seafood Jambalaya, or Blackened Jumbo Shrimp. There is always live music at this spot, and Sunday features the Gospel Brunch from 10 AM to 1 PM with live gospel music. In the evening, guests can have dinner and move to one of the music halls or other venue locations for a concert and drinks.

The Arcadia Blues Club is another famous Los Angeles site that features many top blues singers and musicians. Each Friday and Saturday night, the Bobbly Blues House Band leads the performances, and they are then followed by local blues bands as well as national groups that are famous around the country. Patrons can enjoy a variety of foods from salads to unique burgers and fries. Although tickets can be purchased at the door, it is recommended that guests buy them before the day they plan to visit.

Those who come to Los Angeles looking for genuine live blues music will not be disappointed, but the newer, squeaky clean clubs may seem a bit contrived to some visitors. If a blues club venue is in a newly built building, it cannot possibly have the seedy look of some of the older clubs that have been worn in with decades of visitors walking through their doors and tapping their feet on the worn floors. Without the sound of pool balls crashing as a song ends, and smoke-filled darkened rooms, there might be something missing for those old enough to remember earlier blues clubs.

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